How to Run Your Life Like A Million Dollar Business
Discover How To Totally Rewrite Your Unconscious Mind & Achieve Any Goal
in the Next 90 Days 
Bart Baggett is the founder of the PRISM Life Design System and will be your host during this 90-Day Challenge. He is the author of 10 books including the Magic Question and the Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy. Bart Baggett will be your host on the "live trainings" and authored the books and courses you will be studying as part of this program. Bart will be broadcasting his live trainings from his studio in Los Angeles and taking your questions directly via the zoom video platform. You can chat or ask your questions directly on video.
If you’ve been looking for the opportunity to make some changes, develop some new "success habits," and revamp your mind relating to money, success, and career… now is your time.

Imagine getting the MONEY or HEALTH areas of your life aligned with your highest values, true life purpose, and revamp your career to match your ideal lifestyle and personality.

Isn’t it time to live a more authentic life that is congruent with your bigger dreams and God-given talents? 

In this 90-Day Challenge, you’ll join hundreds of inspired and motivated people from around the globe in the pursuit of laying the foundation for the next decade of success and happiness by rewriting their unconscious thinking patterns in just 12 weeks.

Join us and start right away as you get these three big outcomes:
  •  One Big Goal: You will choose one realistic goal that you will achieve in the next three months. Our team will assist you in using the PRISM Life Design Center to analyze that goal into strategy, procedure, and micro-action steps to make it achievable in 90 days. Plus, we hold you accountable and applaud your weekly wins.
  • Millionaire Habits: Discover and implement 4 key daily habits that self-made millionaires do that will change your money and happiness forever. Most people take under 9 minutes to do these “millionaire habits” each day, and it quickly changes their unconscious mind in deep and powerful ways by carving new neuro-pathways for optimism, joy, luck, and money to easily flow into their lives. This is NOT the 1970’s “Rah! Rah!” positive thinking your Dad used. This is cutting edge brain science that resets your thinking process from the unconscious mind outward. 
  •  Supportive Community: You will no longer be alone in the effort to change your life, change your body, and change your mind. Our worldwide community will support you and cheer you on every step of the way. In our community, there is no negative thinking, no criticizing you for thinking BIG, and nothing weird about meditating or investing in those “self-help” courses. You have found your tribe. We connect weekly on our private Facebook group and our live Zoom calls. 

The PRISM Life Design Methodology is a system of coaching tools and mind transforming techniques to get predictable, amazing results in your business, health, and life. It is used as the basis for our Certified PRISM Life Design consultants to work with clients in the one-on-one highly personalized 6-12 months transformation life coaching programs.

PRISM stands for Purpose, Relationships, Identity, Success, and Meaning. In the full program, you get very absolute clarity and achieve massive results in every area of your life. It’s a total life makeover from your body, career, relationship, and spiritual life purpose. 

However, we know that one-on-one coaching is not available to everyone for a variety of reasons (time, money, location.) So, the 90-Day Challenge was created to provide a low-cost introductory experience into the PRISM life changing techniques without the LONG commitment and without the HIGH COST.  In this 12 week program, you select one area of our life and focus on making deep changes in that one area. 

The PRISM Life Design 90-Day Challenge is a structured group training and coaching program that takes you through 6 of the most powerful core concepts inside the Life Design Curriculum.  This is not a substitution for the LIFE DESIGN coaching. This is a 90-DAY QUICK START, and a shot of adrenaline to get you using some of the best Life Designs tools today and get your brain thinking differently for the coming year. 

These ideas and exercises literally help clients design a future that is compelling and aligned with their deepest values. Plus, in this 90-Day program, you choose one goal and we work together to get you to achieve that goal. You want to lose 15 pounds, earn an extra $2000, double your income… you choose a goal and we will support you. 

This system shows you exactly how to REPROGRAM your brain with new habits and new thinking processes to achieve goals faster than ever before… while living with more joy win the process. 

This 90-Day Challenge is the PILOT PROGRAM for this pubic course. Because this is our first time opening the PRISM methodology to the general public, we are offering a huge discount on the tuition during this time window
Unstoppable You Video / Audio Home Study Course 
Value $995

The 23 part interactive training was filmed at a live 3-day Life Design Seminar. The entire video trainings are online and waiting for you to watch in both video and downloadable audio files. 

 You can learn on your own pace. 

This online course includes audio mp3 downloads, Quickstart Guide, Course Checklist, 20 videos and 100+page workbook to assist you in mastering the concepts that you will utilize the live classes. You will be told exactly which videos to watch before and after each live training.  

*If you already own this course by Bart Baggett, please contact our customer support for an additional enrollment discount. Read section by section details here about this best-selling home study course.

Live Zoom Training Classes Direct with Bart Baggett. Value $2000

3 months of group classes taught live by Bart Baggett. Classes start in October and go through January of 2019. Each class is about 60 - 120 minutes in length, and occur 2 times a month and replays are available. This is six live classes where you can speak directly to Bart Baggett, live via video webcam. Unless you are part of our $10,000 or more certification programs or live events...most fans and students around the world do not get direct access to Bart Baggett.  This is a unique experience.

*Live Training Classes will be Saturday nights in the USA/ Sunday mornings in India.

magic question
The Magic Question: How To Get What You Want in Half the Time
Discover the 1-minute daily question that helps you get what you want in half the time.

This book works hand-in-hand with one of the six modules to help you rewrite and craft better internal dialogue through asking better questions.  Instant access.  The audio book is included, for free. Value: $9.95
Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy: How to use PRISM Life Design Strategies to Create Wealth, Success, and Happiness

Discover the 21 Life Design Formulas for Designing a Life with more Freedom, Wealth, and Happiness. Over 444 pages of the best PRISM Life Design techniques that can profoundly change your thinking and change your life. 

You get instant access to the new yet to be released 2019 version of this book along with bonus reader only video tutorials inside the member only book download area.  Value:  18.95

*The soft cover of this book is not shipped because it is has not arrived from the printer.  You get the latest version, online.
Attend Life Design Live! In Person 2 Day Training. Two Tickets $995 Value.
One for you and a friend Value $1990 
The Life Design Live 2 Day Event is a immersive introductory event for the general public hosted by Bart Baggett in person. He guides you through group time-line meditations, explains life changing distinctions about your brain, and you make life long friends in the community.  PRISM graduates will work with you personally in small group exercises and be available one-on-one for private consultations during the program. 

You can bring friends of all ages to this fun filled event. What's more... these tickets are transferable to the next Life Design Live! anytime over the coming 3 years. Next Scheduled Event is in 2019: Pune, India January 26 - 27 and April 27-28  - Los Angeles, CA, USA 

*These two tickets alone are worth 3 times your investment.  Many people will enroll in this program just for these two bonus tickets... it's a life changing event.

 Develop new millionaire daily habits into trackable easy to accomplish dopamine enhanced wins. 
 Join a worldwide tribe of achievers and doers committed to helping each other get more out of life.
 Get both educational materials and direct success coaching in this hands-on program that mixes implementation and knowledge.
This 90-Day challenge includes all the above online educational programs and 6 live trainings with Bart Baggett. You get everything you need to apply the Life Design processes in your own life and achieve the goals that have been eluding you up until now.  You even have the option of upgrading to get 6 additional sessions with a PRISM Authorized Life Design consultant to give you even more insight and coaching during the 90 days.  
* These prices expire when the clock strikes zero below.
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