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 Discover what secrets your handwriting reveals about you and your friends.  7 Part Mini-Course
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  • 5 HELL TRAITS THAT YOU WANT TO AVOID - Annoying people can be difficult. The combination of these 5 traits help you spot the difficult people instantly.
  • ​HOW TO DO A VERBAL ANALYSIS - Not all handwriting experts are created equal. This module explains the importance of choose the right words and phrases which exactly describe the "Hell Traits" and the "Positive Traits" without offending your friends.
  • ​CHANGE YOUR SIGNATURE - Unhappy with what your signature is saying to the world? This module introduces the idea of grapho-therapy and how it can help you boost self-esteem and erase fears. One change your in signature can change the way the wolrd see you and might change the way you see the world.
  • EASILY UNDERSTAND EMOTIONS - A person's emotional outlay is revealed in the size and slant of a person's handwriting. This short video shows you how to spot these features and what they mean to you.
  • SPOT INTELLIGENCE - You can quickly tell if someone learns slow, fast, or is mentally not the "sharpest knife in the drawer". Excellent for hiring employees, parents, teachers, and business owners.
  • SEXUALITY AND RELATIONSHIPS - Once you discover the one letter which reveals trust, energy, sexuality and sex drive... you will never date the same way again. Plus, your friends that are in a relationship will beg you to tell them your secret.
  • ​Plus, you will learn how to spot extroversion, top 4 fears and defense mechanism, and the one trait which kills a good relationship.
“This course opened my eyes to a whole new world of personality and self-awareness. I can't believe Handwriting University gave away this much valuable information for free. Thank you.”

 Jack Wagner Dallas, Texas, USA
Audio Lessons Speak To You
Learn from the top handwriting expert in the world.. Bart A Baggett
    You get to hear directly from Bart Baggett in PRESS PLAY audio files which explain each personality trait, concept, even the big fears. Some audio is recorded in studio and some are recorded live from a seminar. You get access to both so you learn faster. Don't be surprised if you laugh out loud (He is pretty funny).
Video Tutorials
    This course is designed for beginners and includes numerous video tutorials to make learning fun and easy. Just grab a sample of handwriting and watch the video training. 

    These videos are short and to the point.
    (Less than 8 minutes each.)

    Understand Yourself Better
    Get help spotting the negative traits in your signature.
    Show Your Best Signature To the World.
    Compare your handwriting to the case studies inside the course. 
    Learn how to change your life with these tools 
    This is a wonderful insight into your own unconscious mind.

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